XL Fortran for AIX 8.1

Language Reference

Highlighting Conventions

This book uses the following highlighting conventions:

IBM Extensions to the Fortran 90 or Fortran 95 standards include:

  1. Any XL Fortran implementation of what the standards documents describe as a processor-dependent value, or processor-dependent behavior
  2. Any information added to XL Fortran Version 8.1 for XL Fortran Version 8.1 that is not part of the Fortran 90 or Fortran 95.

Fortran keywords, commands, statements, directives, intrinsic procedures, compiler options, and filenames are shown in bold: for example, OPEN, COMMON, and END.

References to other sources of information appear in italics. Variable names and user-specified names appear in lowercase italics: for example, array_element_name.

Not all material throughout this book that mentions a feature belonging to either the new standards category or the extension category is highlighted; only the primary description of a given feature is. For example, the description of the AUTOMATIC statement (see AUTOMATIC) is highlighted, but not all of the rest of the references to the AUTOMATIC statement that appear throughout the book are.

Syntax diagrams that contain elements that belong to a specific standard will be identified appropriately in the text that follows the diagram, or in a note in the diagram itself. For example, the syntax diagram for the ELSEWHERE statement (ELSEWHERE) belongs to the Fortran 90 standard. However, it also contains the Fortran 95 option where_construct_name. This option is appropriately highlighted in both the text that follows, and in the syntax diagram.

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