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The PRINT statement is a data transfer output statement.



is a namelist group name

is an output list item. An output list specifies the data to be transferred. An output list item can be:

is a format specifier that specifies the format to be used in the output operation. format is a format identifier that can be:

Specifying the -qport=typestmt compiler option enables the TYPE statement which has identical functionality to the PRINT statement.

Implied-DO List

>>-(--do_object_list-- , --------------------------------------->
>--do_variable = arith_expr1arith_expr2----------------------->
   '-,-'  '-arith_expr3-'

is an output list item

is a named scalar variable of type integer or real

arith_expr1, arith_expr2,  and  arith_expr3
are scalar numeric expressions

The range of an implied-DO list is the list do_object_list. The iteration count and the values of the DO variable are established from arith_expr1, arith_expr2, and arith_expr3, the same as for a DO statement. When the implied-DO list is executed, the items in the do_object_list are specified once for each iteration of the implied-DO list, with the appropriate substitution of values for any occurrence of the DO variable.


   PRINT 10, A,B,C
10 FORMAT (E4.2,G3.2E1,B3)

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