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What is OpenMP?

OpenMP is a specification for a portable implementation of shared memory parallelism in Fortran and C/C++. The OpenMP specification provides a number of compiler directives, library routines and environment variables that you can use to control the parallel environment. This section gives a brief overview of the features of OpenMP.

Compiler Directives

The OpenMP Application Program Interface provides a number of directives that define parallel regions, work-sharing constructs and synchronization constructs, and provide support for the sharing and privatization of data.

See Chapter 11, Directives for more information.

Library Routines

The OpenMP API supports a suite of library routines that allow you to control and query the run-time execution environment, a set of general-purpose locking routines, and portable timer routines .

See Chapter 16, OpenMP Execution Environment Routines and Lock Routines for more information.

Environment Variables

The OpenMP environment variables also provide the functionality to control the run-time execution environment.

See the User's Guide for more information.

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