XL Fortran for AIX 8.1

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You can specify compiler options to affect an individual compilation unit by putting the @PROCESS compiler directive in the source file. It can override options that are specified in the configuration file, in the default settings, or on the command line.


             | '-,-'                            |
             V                                  |

is the name of a compiler option, without the -q

is a suboption of a compiler option


In fixed source form, @PROCESS can start in column 1 or after column 6. In free source form, the @PROCESS compiler directive can start in any column.

You cannot place a statement label or inline comment on the same line as an @PROCESS compiler directive.

By default, any option settings you designate with the @PROCESS compiler directive are effective only for the compilation unit in which the statement appears. If the file has more than one compilation unit, the option setting is reset to its original state before the next unit is compiled. Trigger constants specified by the DIRECTIVE option are in effect until the end of the file (or until NODIRECTIVE is processed).

The @PROCESS compiler directive must usually appear before the first statement of a compilation unit. The only exceptions are for SOURCE and NOSOURCE, which you can put in @PROCESS directives anywhere in the compilation unit.

Related Information

See the User's Guide for details on compiler options.

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