XL Fortran for AIX 8.1

Language Reference

+-------------------------------IBM Extension--------------------------------+


Converts a real or integer value into a two byte integer.

must be a scalar of integer or real type.

INT2 cannot be passed as an actual argument of another function call.


Elemental function

Result Type and Attributes

INTEGER(2) scalar

Result Value

If A is of type integer, INT2(A) = A.

If A is of type real, there are two possibilities:

In both cases, truncation may occur.


The following is an example of the INT2 function.

    REAL*4 :: R4
    REAL*8 :: R8
    INTEGER*4 :: I4
    INTEGER*8 :: I8
    R4 = 8.8; R8 = 18.9
    I4 = 4; I8 = 8
    PRINT *, INT2(R4), INT2(R8), INT2(I4), INT2(I8)
    PRINT *, INT2(2.3), INT2(6)
    PRINT *, INT2(65535.78), INT2(65536.89)

The following is sample output generated by the program above:

    8 18 4 8
    2 6
    -1 0     ! The results indicate that truncation has occurred, since only the last
             ! two bytes were saved.

+----------------------------End of IBM Extension----------------------------+

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