XL Fortran for AIX 8.1

Language Reference


Editing is performed on fields. A field is the part of a record that is read on input or written on output when format control processes one of the data or character string edit descriptors. The field width is the size of the field in characters.

The I, F, E, EN, ES, B, O, Z, D, G, and extended precision Q edit descriptors are collectively called numeric edit descriptors. They are used to format integer, real, and complex data. The following general rules apply to these edit descriptors:

Complex Editing

A complex value is a pair of separate real components. Therefore, complex editing is specified by a pair of edit descriptors. The first one edits the real part of the number, and the second one edits the imaginary part of the number. The two edit descriptors can be the same or different. One or more control edit descriptors can be placed between them, but not data edit descriptors.

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