TACC (Texas Advanced Computing Center). Our analysts and users maintain a productive and collaborative relationship with TACC. TAMU has been a contributor to the purchases of the LONESTAR series of clusters at TACC. Under current (Nov 2015) arrangements, TAMU users can collectively use up to 14 million of core-hours per year for four years.

CASC (Coalition for Academic Scientific Computation) is a nonprofit organization of supercomputing centers and research universities that offer leading edge hardware, software, and expertise in high performance computing resources and advanced visualization environments.

HiPCAT (High Performance Computing Across Texas) is a consortium of Texas institutions that promotes the use of high performance computing (HPC) technologies and techniques to enhance research capabilities and educational programs in the state of Texas. The current members include:

SURA (Southeastern Universities Research Association) is a consortium of over sixty universities across the US. SURA jointly operates the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility on behalf of the US Department of Energy through Jefferson Science Associates, LLC - and runs the SURA Residence Facility. SURA also promotes initiatives in nuclear physics, information technologies, coastal research and technology commercialization.