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User Guides

Ada (IBM NeXtScale Cluster)
An introduction to using Ada cluster.
Eos (IBM iDataplex Cluster)
An introduction to using Eos cluster.
Curie (IBM Power7+ Cluster)
An introduction to using Curie cluster.
Crick (IBM Power7+ BigData Analytics Cluster)
An introduction to using Crick cluster.
Neumann(IBM Blue Gene Q Cluster)
In introduction to using Neumann cluster.
Linux Workstations
An introduction to using our Linux workstations at Wisenbaker and the Student Computing Center.
Storage Archive
An introduction to using our storage archive.

General Documentation

Account Activation and Management
This document introduces the AMS system and provides instructions for activating and managing your HPC resources.
Accessing TAMU Supercomputing Machines
Read this guide for information on using SSH for accessing our machines
A Brief Introduction to UNIX
This guide covers basic concepts in UNIX.
Handy UNIX Commands
This guide describes the basic UNIX commands.
Software Environment Management with Modules
This guide describes how modules are used to manage the environment for the software installed on our systems.
Virtual Private Networks
The VPN service is useful for remote (outside of the campus firewall) users who need access to campus resources as if they were directly connected to the campus network. This page explains the benefits of VPN and how to install and configure the VPN software.

Vendor Documentation

Intel Documentation (eos)
Provides documentation for the Intel compilers, libraries, and other development tools.
IBM Documentation (hydra)
Provides documentation for IBM compilers, libraries, and etc.

Short Course Materials

Introduction to UNIX/Linux
Basic and intermediate level topics for using unix on Supercomputing machines.
Introduction to Supercomputing on Eos
Computing in the LINUX/INTEL programming environemnt of Eos, including the PBS batch system, queues, and policies.
Introduction to Supercomputing on HYDRA
Computing in IBM's AIX/p5-575 programming environment, including the Load Leveler batch system, queues, and policies.
Introduction to Perl
Basic level introduction to programming in Perl.
Introduction to Code Parallelization with MPI
A basic to intermediate level course on code parallelization based on the MPI message passing model.
Introduction to Code Parallelization with OpenMP
Code parallelization for shared memory systems using the OpenMP standard of directives and calls.


MVAPICH2 Documentation
MVAPICH2 v1.7 Users Guide. Also in html and a Quick Introduction to MVAPICH2.
Introduction to PETSc [TACC Tutorial 01/10/2011]
Presentation material on PETSc prepared by Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) at UT Austin
TAMU/Intel Tutorial on Compilers, Libraries, and Tools
Presentation materials from the Intel Tutorial hosted at TAMU
GPU/CUDA/OpenCL Programming
Presentation materials from the GPU Workshop hosted at TAMU
Unix Tutorials for Beginners
This tutorial introduces basic UNIX concepts.
TAMU MPI Tutorial
An introduction to MPI, the Message Passing Interface library. Code examples and compilation tips are provided for TAMU Supercomputing machines.
PACS' Interactive MPI Course
An online MPI course. Free registration is required.
OpenMP Tutorial
Provides an introduction to shared memory parallelization with OpenMP. ( PDF )
OpenMP 3.0 An Overview
Provides an alternative introduction to shared memory parallelization with OpenMP. ( PDF ) (Examples )
SGI's PowerLearn Course for the SGI Origins
This SGI provided course gives more information on performance tuning and parallelization techniques for our SGI Origin systems.
Scalar Code Optimization
This guide provides an introduction to scalar optimization concepts and techniques with examples for the SGI Origin 3800. ( Postscript - PDF )