AMS Password Change

The Account Management System (AMS) portal allows users to change their login passwords for existing logins on TAMU Supercomputing Facility resources. These resources include on-campus clusters, linux workstations (sclab), and the archival system (scarchive).

If your password has expired, you forgot your password, or you want to change it for better security, login to the AMS portal in your browser and go to the Resources tab. Click Here to go directly to this page. You will be required to login with your NetID before using the AMS portal. You should see the following:

Locate the resource for which you want to change your password. In this example, the machine is eos and you will click Change Password to get to the following dialog:

Pay attention to the four rules that all passwords must follow. You will receive warnings if your password has not yet obeyed these rules. You will need to confirm your password by entering it twice.

Once you have clicked Submit with no errors, it may take between five and fifteen minutes for your request to propagate to all of the login nodes or workstations. If you still cannot login after fifteen minutes and you are sure you are typing the password exactly as you entered it on the AMS portal, contact support.