Last modified: Thursday December 06, 2012 5:01 PM

Environment Setup

In order to initialize your environment for STAR-CCM+, you should type the following command. This environment module will also configure the license for STAR-CCM+.

module load starccm+

For more information about modules, please see this page.


The STAR-CCM+ user guides are available here in PDF format.

Using Parallel STAR-CCM+ in Batch Jobs

Using Parallel STAR-CCM+ in Batch Jobs on Eos

Below is an example of a STAR-CCM+ batch job script for Eos. Note, you must setup passwordless SSH keys using the /g/software/bin/init-ssh command. Also, you need to include the -machine $PBS_NODEFILE arguments to tell STAR-CCM+ which nodes were assigned to your job.

# --------- Example job file: starccm.job file --------
#PBS -l nodes=2:ppn=8,walltime=01:00:00,mem=44gb
#PBS -N starccm+
#PBS -j oe

module load starccm+

starccm+ -rsh ssh -np 16 -batch filename.sim -machinefile $PBS_NODEFILE

Using Parallel STAR-CCM+ in Batch Jobs on Hydra

Due to incomplete support for the parallel environment on AIX for hydra, parallel STAR-CCM+ cannot be used with the compute nodes on hydra. Please consult the starccm man page for setting up your environment for batch processing with STAR-CCM+.

You must submit your STAR-CCM+ batch jobs to the interactive queue explicitly with the following line in your job file:

#@ class = interactive

Interactive batch jobs are currently limited to 2 nodes, 8-cpus per node. So, the maximum number of cpus that can be used is 16.

Example: 16-cpu STAR-CCM+ 2-node job

#@ node = 2
#@ tasks_per_node = 8

Example: 8-cpu STAR-CCM+ 1-node job

#@ node = 1
#@ tasks_per_node = 8

Batch System Example

The following is an example batch job for using STAR-CCM+ in the interactive queue on hydra:

  #@ shell                = /bin/ksh
  #@ comment              = parallel starccm+ job
  #@ initialdir           = $(home)/starccm+/
  #@ job_name             = pstarccm 
  #@ input                = $(initialdir)/filename.sim
  #@ error                = $(job_name).e$(schedd_host).$(jobid)
  #@ output               = $(job_name).o$(schedd_host).$(jobid)
  #@ job_type             = parallel 
  #@ environment          = MP_SINGLE_THREAD=yes
  #@ wall_clock_limit     = 1:00:00
  #@ network.MPI          = sn_single, shared, US
  #@ resources            = ConsumableCpus(1) ConsumableMemory(1gb)
  #@ node                 = 1
  #@ tasks_per_node       = 4
  #@ notification         = error
  #@ class                = interactive   
  #@ queue

  module load starccm+ 
  starccm+ -rsh ssh -np 4 -batch filename.sim 

More Information

The manual pages for STAR-CCM+ can be accessed after setting up your STAR-CCM+ environment by typing the following command:

 man starccm