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Program Development Tools


Timing Mechanisms

Timing Mechanisms

The Event Counters

The perfex Command

perfex -t: the Model Cost Table

perfex -a -y: Multiplexing Events

perfex -y Statistics (R12000)

Explanation of Statistics/1

Explanation of Statistics/2

Explanation of Statistics/3

R1x000 Important Events 

Cache Coherency Counters

Explanation: Useful Counters

Event Counters Procedural Interface

perfex Measurements of matmul

The SpeedShop Profiler

SpeedShop Experiments

ssrun: Experiment Recording

prof: Performance Interpretation

PC Sampling Experiment/1

PC Sampling Experiment/2

ssrun: Performance Experiments (hardware counter)

Hardware Counters Experiment/1

Hardware Counters Experiment/2

User Time Experiment

-usertime experiment -gprof

SpeedShop Basic Tools

SpeedShop Performance Views

ssrun: Performance Experiment

WorkShop cvperf Views


Author: Frank Kampe 


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