PowerLearn for Origin

PowerLearn is a course on performance tuning and parallelization techniques for scientific programmers using SGI Origin systems.

PowerLearn Outline

Use "SHIFT+CLICK" to download source and/or listings

Examples - NAS Kernels Benchmark

  • NAS Kernels Introduction (1984) - Background
  • Matrix Multiply Example Code - matmul.f  / WHIRL Listing

    C Timer Routine - second.c

    FORTRAN APO Example Code - adi5.f / APO .list / APO .m

    Data Distribution Example :

    Message Passing Example (single copy vs double copy) : MPI Profiling Code : mpi_perf_10.c
    (Link it to your MPI code; statistics & timing profile written to file "MPI_PROFILING_STATS")

    Reference Material

    Web sites with related information

    Contains all SGI documentation. Click on Irix 6.5, then Developer.
    Appropriate books are:

    MIPS Compiling and Performance Tuning Guide
    MIPSpro 7 Fortran 90 Commands and Directives Reference Manual
    MIPSpro Auto-Parallelizing Option Programmer's Guide
    Origin2000 and Onyx2 Performance Tuning and Optimization Guide
    SpeedShop User's Guide
    Message Passing Toolkit: MPI Programmer's Manual

    OpenMP site, including specifications and tutorials.


    Authors: Jack Perry, Dave Glover, Henry Spears, & Frank Kampe
    Last Modified: Sun 26 Aug 2001