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Account Allocation Policy

Last modified: Monday February 29, 2016 1:03 PM

The computer systems managed by the High Performance Research Computing are available for use to university faculty, staff, and students who require large-scale computing capabilities. Access to and use of such systems is permitted only for academic research and instructional activity. All other use is strictly prohibited without the approval of the High Performance Research Computing steering committee. Please see the Acceptable Use Statement for more information.

All clusters (ada, eos, neumann, curie, and crick) are available for selection and use through a submission and approval process for requests for a computer account. A user account is credited with an allocation of service units (SUs). (1 SU allows for the use of one computer core for one hour.) Account applications are available on our web page under the User Services pull-down menu or directly here.

Three types of accounts are available: Basic, Small Research, and Large Research. Basic accounts are for small allocation grants designed to enable any user to begin their research and to become familiar with the machines. More time may be obtained by applying for Small and Large Research accounts. The account types and their features/restrictions are summarized in the table below. It should be noted that the allocation limits, 5,000 and 100,000 SUs, for Basic and Small Research accounts, respectively, are granted only once per fiscal year. And these constitute cumulative limits across one or more allocations per fiscal year. So, say, a user is first granted a Small Research allocation of 40,000 SUs and subsequently gets a second one for, 60,000. That maxes out the allocation amount for his Small Research account. Additional allocation requests can only be granted by applying for a Large Research account.

If a student exhausts the SUs allocated to his Basic account, he can receive additional allocations only through his Principal Investigator (PI) who has obtained allocations for Small or Large research accounts. The PI then suballocates SUs to the student from these accounts. A student should always obtain first an allocation through a Basic account.

Large Research grants are reviewed and approved by the High Performance Research Computing Steering Committee. Code performance, prior usage, publication potential, and funding for the research associated with the use of the allocated resources are some of factors which are considered in making allocation decisions. You should provide this information in your Large Research application.

Account Type Who can apply? Maximum Service Units
per Machine
Allowed to spend
more than allocation?
Application reviewed and
approved by
Basic Students*
Research Associates*,
Research Scientists*,
5,000 No HPRC Staff
Small Research Faculty,
Research Associates*,
Research Scientists*,
HPRC Staff
Large Research Faculty Determined
High Performance Research Computing
Steering Committee

*: must have PI.