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User Services

New User Information

This New User Information page is intended to quickly guide new users to:


The High Perfromance Research Computing staff provides assistance (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm) with regards to, among other things: debugging, code optimization and parallelization, and batch processing for users of our resources.

Apply for Accounts

The computer systems managed by the High Performance Research Computing are available for use to university faculty, staff, and students who require large-scale computing capabilities. Access to and use of such systems is permitted only for academic research and instructional activity. Visit the Allocation Policy page for more information or the Account Application page to apply or renew an account.

Create/Manage Accounts

AMS is an acronym for the Account Management System. This system has been designed to provide you 24/7 comprehensive and easy access to your HPC resources at the Texas A&M High Performance Research Computing. AMS is able to manage and report the status of both your login accounts and your resources granted on each of the High Performance Research Computing system. For more information, visit the AMS documentation.

Short Courses

The facility offers various short courses for introductions to using each computational resource, learning Unix, code profiling, and parallelization with MPI and OpenMP. Each courses are usually offered as a sequel of two or three sessions stretching across two or three days every Spring and Fall semester. Visit the Short Courses page for more information about the courses.


Documentation is provided for many things, including accessing and using our resources, activating and managing your account, Unix concepts and commands, vendor documentation, and other tutorials.