Pre-Charging Implemented on Ada

Dear HPRC Users:

Effective immediately, the Pre-Charging of allocation is implemented on Ada. The Pre-Charging is to calculate your effective balance by deducting SUs requested by your submitted but uncompleted jobs. More specifically, effective_balance = allocation - SUs_used_by_completed_Jobs - SUs_requested_by_uncompleted_jobs. You job will be submitted only if your effective balance is not less than the SUs requested by your job. However, once your submitted jobs are finished, the SUs requested by those jobs will be zero, and then those jobs will be charged to your project account according to their actual usage.

The implementation of Pre-Charging will help us to manage allocation of SUs by avoiding negative project account balances. Without Pre-Charging, a user may submit X jobs at a time if every job requests less than or equal to the actual balance Y of the user's project account. Therefore, the users' project account balance becomes negative up to (X-1)*Y after those X jobs are finished. This makes it difficult for us to allocate SUs and do accounting.

The 'myproject' utility has been improved to display the SUs requested for uncompleted jobs. From the output of 'myproject -l', you can see a column of "Used & Pending SUs" which includes SUs used by completed jobs and SUs requested by uncompleted jobs. From the output of 'myproject -p #######', you can see the information for your uncompleted jobs which are pre-charged to your project account '#######'.

If you have any questions on this implementation, please let us know at

High Performance Research Computing

Posted on: 1:20 PM, February 10, 2016