Lonestar Cluster Available to SC Users

As of March 2011, SC users, in addition to SC resources, can use Lonestar, TACC's (http://services.tacc.utexas.edu) 22,656-core cluster. To apply for a Lonestar allocation, just follow the normal procedure for submitting an application through our Website (https://sc.tamu.edu/forms/) by selecting "Lonestar" as your resource of choice. All applications to use Lonestar are decided upon by the Facility's Steering Committee.

The use of Lonestar by TAMU's SC users has materialized as a result of a partnership, toward its purchase, between UT/TACC and other institutions, A&M being one of them. This system is particularly suitable for large parallel jobs whose parallelizations are in the thousands of cpus/cores.

Posted on: 11:05 AM, August 5, 2011