FY2012 Applications Renewal starts on August 1, 2011

Supercomputing Facility (SC) accounts expire on August 31. All user accounts for all platforms (Eos, Hydra and Lonestar) will expire at the end of the current fiscal year (FY2011), August 31, 2011. All balances will be zeroed out at the end of that day. This happens every year at the end of August as we transition from the end of the current fiscal year to the next.

Submit application for FY2012 during August 1-18. To secure uninterrupted access to processing on any of the above systems, you must submit an application no later than August 18. If it is for a large allocation, it must also be approved by the Steering Committee by August 31. Students can only submit an application for a Basic Allocation. Postdocs and Research Associates can apply for a Basic or a Small Allocation. PI's, in addition to Basic and Small, can apply for a Large Allocation. An application for a Large Allocation is recommended if PI's plan to sub-allocate chunks of time to collaborators in computation intensive projects.

How do I submit an application for an allocation? Submit an application at https://sc.tamu.edu/forms.

What if I do not have an approved allocation by September 1? In such a case, you will not be able to run batch jobs. You will be able to only login and carry out minor interactive processing up to October 1. On that date, if you still do not have an approved application, your account will be shut down, and you will lose login access as well.

How do I speed up approval of my application? Providing correct and adequate information helps a lot. Two things that commonly cause delays are grossly inadequate research descriptions and incorrect specification of the PI's NetID and e-mail address. Sometimes a weak justification for a large allocation can also cause delay.

You can submit an application for a FY2012 allocation any time you want; however, to ensure uninterrupted access to computing on SC resources as we pass from FY2011 to FY2012, make sure you submit by August 18.

Posted on: 11:13 AM, August 5, 2011