GPU Programming Workshop

A 2-day Workshop

Dates: 9:00am-5:00pm August 10 and 11, 2011
Location: Student Computing Center, Room 102B (SCC)
Presenter: Paul A. Navratil, PhD, Visualization Scientist,TACC

This is a hands-on intensive tutorial on GPU programming by a highly experienced and qualified practitioner. Attendants can bring their laptops or use the installed PCs of the SCC. Programming exercises will be carried out on TACC's Longhorn cluster (mostly) and on Eos. Your laptops must have the following software installed: PuTTY, xming, and VNC. A synopsis of the topics to be covered includes:

Day 1 (one-hour lunch break):

Connection to Eos and Longhorn
GPU Hardware Overview
CPU and Device Hardware comparison: NVIDIA, AMD, Intel
Host to Device Memory Transfer
Kernel Programming and Launch Basics

Day 2 (one-hour lunch break)

Special device memories: shared, texture and constant memories
Kernel Debugging
Kernel Profiling
CUDA versus OpenCL comparison

Attendance is limited to 35. You must register by e-mailing the SC helpdesk at and receive confirmation.

Who can attend? (1) you must have an account on Eos; (2) you must have very good programming skills in C/C++ or Fortran; and, (3) you must be willing to exert considerable effort to acquire GPU programming skills; (4) be on time on both days.

Posted on: 6:04 PM, July 21, 2011