Hydra /scratch is running out of space

Dear Hydra Users,

Hydra:/scratch is close to running out of space. As you know, this space is meant as a temporary convenience storage for your active projects. In the interest of the entire Hydra community we would like to reclaim any space from users with excessive usage.

Please go ahead to tidy up your current space usage on /scratch, as follows:
- delete all uneeded files,
- compress those which will not be needed in the near future, and
- archive all files you would like to maintain for the long term.

See "http://sc.tamu.edu/help/hydra/filespace.php" and "http://sc.tamu.edu/help/archiving.php" for more information on policies and the SC archive.

Let us know if you need assistance withe any of the tasks associated with reclaiming the maximum of space in hydra:/scratch.

Posted on: 5:30 PM, August 2, 2011