Hydra Cluster Update: hydra1.tamu.edu New Interactive Node

Latest developments for the Hydra IBM cluster:

  1. hydra1.tamu.edu is the NEW interactive node node for the Hydra cluster. It takes over the interactive role and is identical in hardware capabilities to the failed node hydra.tamu.edu.

    You can start using hydra1.tamu.edu immediately for interactive tasks, including, preparing and testing executables and run POE (MPI) or other code interactively.

    To run interactive POE on hydra1.tamu.edu (that is, when "poe ... -resd no" or $MP_RESD=no, please update your "$HOME/.rhosts" file by replacing any reference to "hydra.tamu.edu" by "hydra1.tamu.edu".

    The special queue "Interactive" is also enabled on hydra1.tamu.edu. This queue is used when interactive POE executables are invoked with the "poe ... -resd yes" or $MP_RESD=yes set.

  2. Node hydra.tamu.edu (or f1n1 in Load Leveler) currently is unavailable and it is expected to remain so until further notice. We are preparing the system to transition into using another node of the cluster to replace the role of f1n1 completely as a GPFS I/O server and cluster manager. We will keep you up-to-date as things progress on this isssue.

Posted on: 10:04 AM, January 20, 2012