Removal of Unneeded files on hydra:/scratch

We would like to ask all Hydra users to remove any unneeded files on hydra:/scratch in preparation of the long complex maintenance tasks on Thu 02/02/2012, announced on our web site.

Specifically, large amounts of files have accumulated on hydra:/scratch/$USER/tmp which is the interactive $TMPDIR and which is private to each user. Most likely files in hydra:/scratch/$USER/tmp do not need to be preserved. Please go ahead and remove any files in hydra:/scratch/$USER/tmp which you know that are not necessary.

REMINDER: The Hydra IBM cluster will be unavailable for maintenance on Thu 02/02/2012, starting as early as 9:00AM. Please see our previous announcement for details.

Posted on: 3:36 PM, January 31, 2012