Hydra Tentatively On-line after Maintenance

We are opening the Hydra cluster tentatively to our users and we allow interactive and batch processing.

On Fri. 02/03/2012, the DDN 9550 disk storage controller #2 of Hydra crashed. Finally today we replaced the failed parts and restored the DDN9550 storage operation using a replacement unit which was received yesterday evening (02-09-2012).

Please note that the system operates with ONLY three I/O servers out of the regular four at reduced redundancy levels and a single failure of some I/O component will render the system inoperative.

We are now in the position to install a fourth I/O node in parallel while the system is on-line. That was NOT possible before.

This is a quick update on the status of Hydra maintenance. Please see this previous announcement and this one for details on the nature and objectives of the current maintenance.

Stay tuned for developments.

Posted on: 6:03 PM, February 10, 2012