Basic FORTRAN 90 for Scientific Computation


AUGUST 21-23 9:00am-12:30pm

-----> BLOCKER BUILDING ROOM 104 <-----

Aimed at beginners--but not novices in scientific computation, this workshop will cover the basics of FORTRAN 90. Code examples and workshop activities will introduce the most common programming concepts encountered in scientific work. Participants will write small programs and complete short projects to gain hands-on experience. Safe programming practices will be emphasized. Three analysts from the Supercomputing Facility will be on hand to assist participants in completing programming projects. The Eos cluster will provide the programming environment.

Because the pace will be reasonably brisk, significant effort by the attendees and intensive interaction with the analysts can be expected. The workshop will start each day at 9:00am. Please try arriving at the SCC at least 15 minutes early.

An outline of the contents to be covered on each day will be posted around August 16 at:

Attendance will be limited to 45. (Notice the change from our first e-mail. Efforts to secure an even larger computer room failed.) Although the reserved class is equipped with PCs, participants are welcome to bring laptops.

Posted on: 11:43 AM, August 6, 2012