New Software Development Suite on EOS

Dear EOS users,

we are happy to announce that we have just finished revamping the entire application development S/W stack on EOS. The existing Intel 11.1 based S/W stack remains as it was before and all existing module commands activate the exact same components as they did before. The new suite brings in improved or additional capabilities for large scale code development, debugging and tuning of serial, multi-threaded/OMP, message passing or hybrid code. We strongly advise you to actively utilize the new environmnet for your current or future S/W development needs.

Specifically, we have installed the latest Intel® Cluster Studio XE for Linux version 12.1 (or "XE") which includes the following components:

To enable the latest installed version ("default") of any Intel 12.1 S/W stack component, use the following modules:

If more than one versions of the same component is installed, you can activate that particular version by using the corresponding module. For instance, module load intelXE/compilers would enable the latest Intel compilers (which at the time this message is posted is 12.1.5 (339)). But if you prefer to use the previous version you could issue:

  module load intelXE/compilers/

To see which modules are currently available for the Intel 12.1 stack use the following :

  module avail intelXE

In general, serial or multi-threaded/OMP code compiled with the older Intel 11.1 stack should run when the 12.1 is enabled. It is a good practice though to build your code with the latest compilers and run it with the latest compilers enabled.

Note that if you compile code with the 12.1 compiler version, it may run into problems when the old 11.1 stack is enabled.

This is an extensive and new s/w suite so please let us know if you think that something is not working as expected.

Posted on: 6:34 PM, July 27, 2012