Changes in the Intel S/W Stack Modules on EOS

Dear EOS users,

Back on July 27th, 2012, we announced the availability of the latest Intel 12.1 S/W development stack ("IntelĀ® XE Cluster Studio 2012") on EOS.

We are announcing that by 10/29/2012, module commands corresponding to the older Intel 11.1 compiler set will start invoking the corresponding software packages of latest Intel 12.1. Specifically,

The existing Intel 11.1 based S/W stack remains installed but its use is strongly discouraged as the latest Intel S/W components offer several improvements in the generated code and in the libraries.

In case tyou have a requirement to use a specific component of the older Intel 11.1 S/W set, you can still enable it by specific version and release numbers. For instance,

In general, backwards binary compatibility is supported, meaning that code compiled with older compiler sets and libraries can still run when the newer sets are enabled. However note that, code compiled with the newer Intel S/W stack may not run correctly when previous compiler sets and run-time libraries become visible.

We will continue installing updates to the latest Intel 12.1 S/W stack as they become available, as the updates correct defects and/or offer improved tools.

Please contact us if you have any questions on this announcement or if you would like to obtain further clarifications.

Posted on: 11:48 AM, October 22, 2012