Hydra Cluster : New Login Node and Maintenance Completed

Dear Hydra users,

we are opening up a new node officially known as "tera.tamu.edu" to host the interactive login sessions for Hydra. Interactive logins can take place against this IP name. Interactive and batch processing has restarted.

NOTE: We have modified the DNS (IP Name Services) information so that effective 02/07/2013 at around 9:00AM, IP names hydra1.tamu.edu and hydra2.tamu.edu will map to this host.

We applied a number of reconfigurations on the cluster to allow tera.tamu.edu (or f1n2) take over the roles the crashed node (f1n9 or hydra1.tamu.edu) was playing, including, GPFS I/O server, alternate LL scheduler and interactive host. We restarted LL to clear stale state information for jobs. Please let us know if you find something that is not working as expected.

Posted on: 8:34 PM, February 6, 2013