Archive of News & Announcements

Date Title
06/08/2016  Reminder: Workshop Best Practices in Profiling and Debugging with Allinea 1-3PM
05/31/2016  Eos Partial Power Outage
05/18/2016  Ada and Curie Maintenance Completed (5/17)
05/18/2016  Texas A&M - Best Practices in Profiling and Debugging with Allinea
05/13/2016  HPRC Bioinformatics workshop
05/12/2016  Eos Retirement (June 1, 2016)
05/03/2016  Update: Crick cluster system maintenance on Tue, May 3 completed
04/13/2016  Eos Maintenance Completed (4/13)
04/08/2016  Slides from the 2016 HPRC Users Meeting are availalable
04/07/2016  2-Day GPU Programming Workshop by Nvidia
04/07/2016  HPRC Joins the Intel Parallel Computing Center Program
04/04/2016  Tiered Filesystem Available
03/17/2016  TAMU HPRC Blue Gene Q cluster ( is shutting down
03/16/2016  Ada down due to (yet another) power outage
03/15/2016  Ada down due to (yet another) power outage
03/10/2016  Ada Online After Power Outage (3/10)
02/25/2016  UPDATE: Ada and Curie Maintenance Completed 2/25/16
02/10/2016  Pre-Charging Implemented on Ada
02/03/2016  Update: Curie cluster system maintenance at 8AM - 5PM, on Wed, Feb 3
01/29/2016  Enforcement of Account Balance Checking on Ada Starting from 12/14/2015
01/13/2016  Curie and Crick clusters system maintenance at 8AM - 7PM, on Tue, Jan 12
01/11/2016  UPDATE: Curie Available. Crick Still Unavailable (1/11)
01/04/2016  Tiered Filesystem Available
01/01/2016  UPDATE: Ada and Curie Clusters Available
10/13/2015  Ada Login Node ( Restored
09/18/2015  Ada Batch System Changes
09/14/2015  Intro to UNIX/Linux Short Course
08/17/2015  Account Renewals for FY2016
08/04/2015  UPDATE: Eos cluster maintenance completed
07/07/2015  Ada and Curie cluster maintenance completed

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