Archive of News & Announcements

Date Title
02/06/2015  UPDATE: Ada Cluster Downtime POSTPONED
02/05/2015  UPDATE: Ada Cluster Downtime (8pm Feb. 6 to a new time, up to Feb 8)
01/15/2015  maintenance work on login0001 on EOS completed
11/17/2014  Ada Cluster: Maintenance Completed
09/18/2014  Ada cluster maintenance completed
09/03/2014  Ada cluster now available
08/27/2014  Account Renewals for FY2015
08/15/2014  UPDATE: Eos Cluster Emergency Maintenance (COMPLETED)
05/01/2014  FY2013 Statistics
04/22/2014  The 2014 Annual Users' Meeting
03/29/2014  COMPLETED: Maintenance for SC web and license servers on Sat. 3/29
01/30/2014  HPC and Scientific Computation Receive Major Boost at A&M
01/19/2014  Eos login node (eos4) rebooted
01/17/2014  Maintenance for Eos 10 Gigabit connections on 1/17
12/20/2013  Supercomputing Winter Break Schedule (Dec. 20 - Jan. 1)
12/13/2013  R package for big data / parallel programming installed
11/22/2013  Eos Batch System Recovered
11/22/2013  Eos Batch System Not Working Properly
11/21/2013  Eos Login004 Rebooted to Resolve a File System Error
11/13/2013  Network maintenance COMPLETED for Eos on Wed. 11/13
11/05/2013  Eos maintenance completed
10/30/2013  Eos maintenance on Tuesday, Nov. 5th
10/29/2013  Eos cluster now available
10/29/2013  SC website maintenance completed
10/29/2013  machine room status, Tuesday October 29
10/27/2013  Machine Room Status, Sunday Oct. 27
10/24/2013  SC website maintenance, Tuesday Oct. 29th
09/19/2013  Eos Batch System Status on Thu. 9/19
09/17/2013  UPDATE: Eos Batch System Operational
09/04/2013  UPDATE: Filesystem issues fixed on Eos

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