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Archive of News & Announcements

Date Title
07/27/2012  New Software Development Suite on EOS
07/27/2012  MPI Stack Update on EOS
07/26/2012  Reminder: Hydra:/scratch is NOT being Backed Up
07/26/2012  Hydra Cluster H/W State
07/25/2012  Special Eos Runs
07/14/2012  Eos Batch System Status, June 14
06/22/2012  SC web site maintenance completed
06/21/2012  SC web site maintenance, Friday June 22nd
05/22/2012  Eos cluster available
05/14/2012  Eos login node (eos4.tamu.edu) rebooted
05/08/2012  Eos downtime Tuesday, May 22
05/05/2012  Eos login nodes available
05/04/2012  UPDATE: Network problem for eos1/eos2 login nodes
04/17/2012  Eos cluster now available
04/11/2012  Eos maintenance Tuesday, April 17th
04/06/2012  The 2012 Annual Users' Meeting
03/24/2012  Eos cluster status Saturday, March. 24
03/20/2012  Eos maintenance completed
03/08/2012  Eos Downtime on Tuesday, March 20th
02/10/2012  Hydra Tentatively On-line after Maintenance
02/09/2012  Hydra is Off-Line for Maintenance (Update #2)
02/07/2012  Hydra is Off-Line for Maintenance (Update #1)
02/02/2012  Hydra is Off-Line for Maintenance
01/31/2012  Removal of Unneeded files on hydra:/scratch
01/31/2012  SC Short Course Class: Introduction to UNIX
01/26/2012  Hydra Off-line for Maintenance on 02/02/2012
01/20/2012  Node hydra2.tamu.edu Unavailable for Interactive MPI
01/20/2012  Hydra Cluster Update: hydra1.tamu.edu New Interactive Node

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