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HPRC History



Title Era
TAMU Supercomputing Facility circa 199x to 2014
TAMU High Performance Research Computing circa 2014 to present


Name System Configuration Active years Location Notes:
"Cray YMP" Cray Y-MP2/116
  • 1 (out of 2) vector processor active only
  • 16 MB of vector memory
  • 8 64-word (64-bit) vector registers
  • 6 nanosec clock
  • Peak MFLOP/s 333
1989 - 1994-5+
(installation: July 31 - Nov 1989)
Zachry, 1st floor "Crystal Palace" No name was used then; users could not log onto the YMP directly (only sysadmins could) and used a front-end VMS-based 16-core shared memory system to submit jobs, instead.
A Commemorative Look: 20 years empowering research & discovery (2009 user meeting)
Terminator 24 processor SGI Power Challenge 10000 XL 1995 - 2000 Teague The name was chosen by the director at the time.
hardware description: SGI Power Challenge Hardware (captured on 01/18/1997)
Terminator upgrade (captured on 07/03/1997)
Apocalypse SGI 12/18/1996 - 6/3/1997 Teague loaner machine from SGI
News about apocalypse (captured on 07/03/1997)
Cyclops 8 processor Cray J90 10/22/1996 - 2002 Teague
Titan 32 processor SGI Origin 2000 1998 - 2006
(installation: July 1998;
active at least Jan 25, 1999)
Teague hardware description: SGI Origin 2000 (captured on 08/17/2000)
K2 64 processor SGI Origin 3800 2001 - 2008
(nstallation: June 2001)
Teague hardware description: SGI Origin 3800 (captured on 2001/11/19)
Agave 32 processor IBM Regatta p690 Oct 2002 - 2008
(installation: Summer 2002;
friendly user mode: Aug 2002)
Teague hardware announcement/schedule (captured on 2002/08/06)
Cosmos 128 processor SGI Altix 3700 2004 - 2009
(installation: Feb 2004)
Teague hardware description: SGI Altix 3700 (captured on 2005/12/29)
Hydra 832 cores, 52 compute nodes (originally was 640 cores, 40 compute nodes) IBM p5-575 Cluster 1600 (Only 48 nodes were attached to the HPS switch after the expansion in 2009) 2006 - 2013 Teague hardware description: IBM p5-575 Cluster 1600 (captured on 2007/07/09]
Eos 3088 cores, 362 compute nodes (originally was 2512 cores, 314 compute nodes before 2011 expansion) IBM iDataPlex cluster 2010 - 2016 Teague Eos was named after the Greek goddess of dawn (known as Aurora to the Romans) in the hopes it could shine new light on research at Texas A&M.
Ada Configuration: see our systems page 2014 - present Teague Ada is named after Lady Ada Lovelace, collaborator of Charles Babbage on developing their Analytical Engine a descendant of his Difference Engine, which are two of the earliest "modern" computers. Lady Ada conceived of her work as poetical science, even though her mother tried hard to divert her away from the poetical influences of her father, Lord Byron (as told by the author of Mathematica).
Curie Configuration: see our systems page 2014 - present Wehner Curie is named after Marie Curie who conducted pioneering research on radioactivity.
Neumann IBM BG/Q - 32768 cores, 2048 nodes 2014 - 2016 IBM data center, Rochester, Minnesota Neumann was named after John von Neumann who's many works helped define computers as we understand them today.
Crick Configuration: see our systems page 2014 - present Wehner Crick is named after Francis Crick, who, together with partner James Watson, unravelled the secrets of DNA.
Terra Configuration: see our systems page 2016 - present Teague Terra was named given the Latin (Roman) name for what the Earth Observation Satellite (EOS) spends most its time looking at (due to its funding). We had already used Eos [above] so...

Directors (or Associate Directors)

Name(s) Era
Bahram Nassersharif (manager: Michael Bolton) 1989 - 1993
Dave Safford 1993 - 1997
Khalid Sarwar Warraich 1997 - 2000
Spiros Vellas 2000 - Jan 2016
Honggao Liu Jan 2016 - present

Office locations

Location(s) Era
Wisenbaker (WERC) basement 1989 - 1994
2nd floor Teague: 1994 - 2007
  • offices and help desk in 227(C) and 203(A, B, and C); share office with networking group
  • office in portion of 225 during the first few years
1994 - 2007
104 Teague 4/30/2007 - 02/11/2016
TAES 103 (helpdesk)
GSC 23xx (staff)
02/11/2016 - 08/17/2016
Henderson Hall (first floor) 08/18/2016 - present

References and Documents

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