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User Consulting

The High Performance Research Computing (HPRC) staff provides assistance (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm) with regards to, among other things: debugging, code optimization and parallelization, and batch processing.

Your email queries to help@hprc.tamu.edu should include, when possible, the following items:

  • Informative e-mail (subject) headers.
  • The name of the machine you are working on.
  • Relevant error messages.
  • Location of relevant files: job files, error files, etc. As a courtesy to the HPRC staff, please do not send us large files (larger than 100 KB) as email attachments.
  • Which program/package you were running.
  • Clear description of the problem.

PLEASE DO NOT PUT YOUR UIN IN ANY EMAIL TO US We often want your NetID for login identification on our systems, but we don't want your UIN (we don't use them). Please keep it to yourself.

The usefulness, accuracy, and promptness of the information we provide to answer a question depends, to a good extent, on whether you have given us useful and relevant information.

Before you send a query to the Help Desk, check the News and Current Events and the Messages of the Day for news that may answer your query or be related to your query.

Please see our contact page for details on how to contact HPRC help desk staff.

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