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Principle Investigator Department(s) Research Area / Project
Allen, Roland E Physics Interaction of Light with Organic and Biological Molecules, and Materials
Balbuena, Perla B Chemical Eng Characterization of Materials for Catalysis in Current Power Sources (eg. fuel cells, lithium-ion batteries)
Banerjee, Debjyoti Mechanical Eng 1) Modeling Fluid Flow on the Micro and Nano Scale
2) Studying Solid Mechanics of Deformation of Micro-Cantilevers for Scanning-Probe Nanolithography
Benzerga, Amine A Aerospace Eng Computational Dislocation Dynamics for Predicting Strength and Fracture in Crystalline Solids
Cagin, Tahir Chemical Eng Designing Computationally Engineered Functional Materials
Chang, Ping Oceanography Development of Global and Regional Coupled Ocean Atmosphere Models for the Study of Climate Variability and Predictability
Chen, Hamn C Civil Eng Development and Applications of Chimera Finite-Analytic Navier-Stokes (FANS) and CHimera finite-Analytic Method for Potential-flow Solver (CHAMPS) for Time-Domain Simulation of Three-Dimensional Flow Around Complex Configurations
Cheng, Zheng D Chemical Eng Multiphase Flow in Microfluidic Chanicals
Cizmas, Paul G Aerospace Eng 1) Understand Fundamental Physical, Multi-Disciplinary Interactions Governing Aircraft Aeroelastic Applications
2) Develop High-Fidelity Computational Methodologies for the Unique Physics
3) Explore Vehicle Concepts to Achieve Key Performance Requirements
Cote, Gerard L Biomedical Eng Simulating the Optical Properties of Arbitrary Shaped Nanoparticles
Culp, Charles H, III Architecture Measuring Pressure Drops in Flexible Air-Conditioning Ducts Using CFD
Ford, David M Chemical Eng Simulating Large Atomistic Models of Nanoparticle-Polymer Composites
Fry, Gary T Civil Eng
Girimaji, Sharath S Aerospace Eng Large Scale CFD Simulations of Turbulence
Kim R Dunbar Chemistry Discovery and Prediction of Systematic Trends in the Structure and Reactivity of Inorganic, Organometallic, and Bioinorganic Systems
Han, Je C Mechanical Eng Simulation of Flow and Heat Transfer in Real Gas Turbine Engine Conditions
Holtzapple, Mark T Chemical Eng Optimizing the Shape of a Jet Ejector
Hughbanks, Timothy R Chemistry Solid State Chemistry of Metal-Rich Cluster Compounds
Kamon, Teruki Physics Studying Collisions of Two Hadrons or Two Leptons Using Large-Scale Detectors
Kattawar, George W Physics Calculation of the Complete Phase Matrix for Elcectromegnetic Scattering From Irregular Particles by the Finite-Difference Time Domain Method
Keblis, Matthew F Business Administration An Auction-Based Approach to the Staffing of Virtual Call Centers
Laane, Jaan Chemistry Computing Potential Energy Surfaces of Molecules Using Spectroscopic Data
Liwang, Andy C Biochemistry Using Ab Initio Quantum Mechanical Calculations to Investigate Differences Between RNA and DNA Hydrogen Bonds
Lucchese, Robert R Chemistry 1) Molecular Photoionization
2) Intermolecular Interactions
Mahapatra, Rabinarayan Computer Science Simulation of TCAM Based Cache Architecture
Moreira, Rosana G Biological & Agricultural Eng Improving Safety of Complex Food Items using Electron Beam Technology
Muliana, Hanifah Mechanical Eng Developing a Multi-Scale Material and Structural Modeling Framework
North, Jerry R Atmospheric Sciences Assessment of Climate Sensitivity Using Climate Models
North, Simon W Chemistry Using High Level Quantum Chemical Calculations to Infer Energetics and Molecular Properties
Reddy, Junuthula N Mechanical Eng Developing Finite Element Methods for the Numerical Solution of Problems in Fluid and Solid Mechanics
Rhode, David L Mechanical Eng Developing CFD Codes to Predict Leakage, Heat Transfer, and Vibration Characteristics of Labyrinth Seals Found in Turbomachinery
Richard, Jacques C Aerospace Eng Simulation of SkyMaster Aircraft Components
Russell, David H Chemistry 1) Characterization of Gas-Phase Peptide and Protein Ion Structure
2) Investigation of Gas-Phase Hydrogen-Deuterium Exchange Mechanism in Peptides
3) Transition Metal-Ligand Interactions
4) Radical Cation Interactions
Saravanan, Ramalingam Atmospheric Sciences Simulation of Long-Term Climate Variability in the Tropics Using the Community Atmospheric Model (CAM3)
Seminario, Jorge M Chemical Eng Calculation of Electronic Charcateristics of Metal, Seniconduct, Insulator Systems Connected to Organic and Inorganic Molecules
Singleton, Daniel A Chemistry Understanding Reactivity and Selectivity in Organic Chemistry
Talreja, Ramesh R Aerospace Eng Numerical Simulation of Crack Initiation and Growth from Manufacturing Induced Void in Polymer Composite
Toback, David Physics Collider Physics
Whitcomb, John D Aerospace Eng Numerical Simulations of Composite Material Behaviour
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