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HPRC Resources


We make available several HPC systems for our users:

  • Ada: our IBM 17,340-core, 852-node x86 Linux cluster. This is currently our main computational resource.
  • Terra: our 8,512-core Lenovo commodity cluster. Our NEWEST cluster.
  • Curie: our 768-core, 48-node IBM Power7+ Cluster
  • Lonestar: the Dell Linux Cluster hosted at TACC.

For more information about these systems, please consult our Systems Page.


Our systems have various commercial and open source software installed. Our software page lists the available software and documentation. Please read our software acquisition policies before requesting any software.


Several HPRC Lab Linux workstations are provided for our users to access several Linux workstations at two separate locations on campus. These workstations serve as physical terminals for remote (network) access to the supercomputers, as well as stand-alone platforms for interactive post-processing and visualization (graphical and GUI-based) tasks that would typically be slower to carry out on the heavily loaded, larger machines, especially over the network.

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